Monday, June 7, 2010

Boudior Briana

I have had the pleasure of shooting this lovely lady a few times...

Owen Engagement

I followed along with my sister and one of her fellow fotog buddies for this engagement shoot.

What an adorable couple, I wish them many years of happiness to come... MANY YEARS? That just sounded lame and with an expiration date, right? Disint it? I wish then eternal happiness! LOL ok now that was better!

Meet Grandson #1

He is our first born grandson from our first born daughter.. We took A out to the poppy reserve in the Antelope Valley, CA. for a colorful photoshoot. Once I got home and viewed them on the screen I was in awe of just how colorful this actually turned out.... Pats self on back!
I cannot even explain the beauty of what my eyes took in when first visiting the reserve. If your in the So Cal area, this is a must see for everyone.....